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Mvikram14 Professional Manual Article Submission Service
In order to optimize your position on the internet and garner, the desired attention you will need to have a professional manual article submission service for one way link to increase link popularity and search engine ranking, that is both dependable and one that completely understands your product content. Not every manual article submission service is as comprehensive and complete as Mvikram14, thus having this particular service provider as your partner would be the best step to take.

Why mvikram14 merits your attention?

To date, mvikram14 has played a significant role in helping more than 30,000 manual article submissions for a wide variety of clients since 2006. Besides this rather impressive statistics, mvikram14 has managed to carve out for itself an unshakable and trusted name, in an industry that is highly competitive and fast paced. As a trusted article submission service since 2006, the team at mvikram14 has been diligently providing all the necessary support for submission reports, which includes confirmed article link reports.

In order to gain a better understanding of just what the mvikram14 team can do for you as a manual article submission service provider, the following points highlight the process used.

The mvikram14 Process for manual article submission

  • Required Detail – Upon receiving the final drafted details from clients, which ideally would include specs such as topics, keywords to be incorporated, website identities and other relevant and helpful material, proper checks are conducted to ensure all the information is relevant and accurate..
  • Article Writing - Once the information is confirmed, the team will set to work creating articles that are SEO rich so that the end product attracts the desired high hits when posted.
  • Client Review – The end product is then sent back to the clients for the review and approval process.
  • Start Manual Submission – When everything is stamped as approval, the manual submission process in put in motion.
  • Report - Lastly the team will compile a comprehensive report of the whole process and send it to the client for verification.

Advantages of using mvikram14 as your manual article submission service provider

  • Experience – With more than 10 years working within the industry, the Mvikram14 teams are fully experienced and capable of handling any kind of manual article submission. The wide and varied client base it enjoys to date, which includes a high percentage of repeat business speak volumes for the confidence the clients have in Mvikram14.
  • Manual Submission – All Submission is manual by Hand in correct category so you have high percentage approval rate. Correct category selection is also very important for high approval rate.
  • Confirmed Link – All the links chosen to be featured in the manual article submission package are confirmed and guaranteed.
  • Content – The content is designed to be highly informative and is based on the highest quality and completely error free.
  • High PR - The promotional tone adopted follows a high PR ration that is ideal for article submission.
  • SEO friendly site – All the articles are designed with the specific intention of creating a SEO friendly positioning.
  • DA site - The Mvikram14 team makes all efforts to use high DA websites.
  • Report – All the reports are presented in Excel file, and include confirmed links.
  • Traffic – There is significant increase in visibility as higher percentages of traffic is effectively drawn to the site. This of course eventually translates into increased revenue to the site.
  • Updated list – The Mvikram14 teams work tirelessly to ensure their submission lists are always kept updated and current.
  • Google update – All the submissions are done according to Google Penguin and Google Panda guidelines.
  • Google Ranking improved – Ranking will improved and maintain for your Targeted keywords.
  • Link popularity – Online link popularity will increase; your traffic will also increase.
  • Client review – Before postings, the articles are sent to clients for a final perusal.

If you have more queries and would like further information, the following some of the more frequently asked questions which interested clients pose, about what mvikram14 has to offer :

Professional Article Submission Service Packages

MMAS-Package Keyword Research No. Total Article Up to URL Up to Total targeted keywords Total submission Guarantee Links No of Report. Time –duration(Days) Price
Package - 1 Yes 3 6 6 150 150 1 15-20 On Request
Package -2 Yes 6 12 12 300 300 1 15-20 On Request
Package- 3 Yes 10 20 20 400 510 2 17-22 On Request
Package-4 Yes 12 24 24 500 615 2 20-25 On Request
Package-5 Yes 15 30 30 600 715 2 30 On Request
Package-6 Yes 18 36 36 700 925 2 30 On Request
Package-7 Yes 21 42 42 800 1100 3 30 On Request
Package-8 Yes 25 50 50 900 1300 3 30-35 On Request
Package-9 Yes 30 60 60 1000 1500 3 On Request
Package-10 35 70 70 1100 1700 4 30-35 On Request

MMAS Package – Mvikram14 Manual Article Submission Package

Note: Do not provide Submission Report. Provide All Guarantee links Report.


Q. Do you follow the latest Google Update guidelines for article submission service?

Ans: - Absolutely! We follow these updated guidelines diligently so that our clients are assured of improved rankings every step of the way.

Q. Does each submission follow a manual submission service style?

Ans: - Absolutely! The mvikram14 team works to ensure all the submissions follow the SEO service manual closely.

Q. What about costs and time frames?

Ans: - References can be made to the chart given at the end, for a better understanding.

Q. Are suitable back links used in the article submission sites to ensure continuous referrals?

Ans: - Absolutely!

Q. Is higher PR Websites being used when article submission are made?

Ans: - Absolutely! All efforts are made to incorporate websites with PR3 and PR4+.

Q. Are there provisions made for social bookmarking reporting?

Ans: - Absolutely! This exercise is based on each article submission package.

Q: - How many keywords and URLs are included in each article submission set?

Ans: - These inclusions are generally based on the submission package.

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