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Website Analysis and Keywords Research

Most website owners have read dozens of on-page and off-page optimization techniques. Websites tell you about secret methods, give rise to myths, and general confusion on how you need to conduct your keyword research. mvikram14.com is not like this. It is owned and operated by a man with 9 years’ experience in the SEO and web analysis industry. The following is my in-depth knowledge regarding website analysis, how my full audit report can help, and the available SEO tools you have available to help you.

Why mvikram14 SEO Services Can Help

The one thing that separates my services from many other websites you will come across is human services or manual checking. Other sites offer you automatic tools. They generate reports with algorithms, where we offer a human touch.

For Example:-

Tools might tell you your website speed is too slow, without taking into account your site is a photography or ecommerce site that has a lot of data. You should have a loading speed of 6 to 7 seconds, where standard load speed is 5 seconds. So be aware that SEO tools that are not human led can provide errors that mislead you on what your site really needs.

So doing Analysis According for your Business Requirement or business model

Website Analysis and Audit Report

Mvikram14.com professionals provide website analysis and keyword research for your business. Before we begin with our report we conduct a website analysis. Performing a full analysis for your website includes the most important SEO factors that are used by major search engines. Our audit report is designed to help you rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We will provide a full audit report including how to fix any trouble spots in your SEO, indexability, on-page ranking factors, accessibility, off-page ranking factors, and competitive analysis.

Analysis Factors

  • Indexability
  • On-Page Ranking Factors
  • Accessibility
  • Off-Page Ranking Factors Competitive Analysis


this is also referred to as crawlability or spiderabiliy, which means your site is either indexed in search engines or not indexable. A site not added to the index means your readers cannot find you.

On-Page Ranking Factors:

these are factors search engines use to determine whether you should be indexed, how to index you such as how high among the competition, and it is all related to the SEO you have on the pages that are published on your site.


another relation to indexability, accessibility determines how easy it is for search engines to get to your site, move around in the site, and find proper information readers will want.

Off-Page Ranking Factors

several off page ranking factors exist like new content on other sites that backlink to your website. Getting organic links from other sites to link to you is another off-page ranking factor.

Competitive Analysis

as we analyze your site we look at what the competition is doing and where they are in relationship to your website. We look to see if there is anything you might do to get ahead of the competition.

Also understand Website Analysis by this diagram

Performing Website Analysis Tasks

The following are analysis tasks we look at and/or make happen to ensure better SEO for better ranking. Indexibility is definitely where many of these tasks fall under.

  • Title Tags: each page you create on your site needs a title page. This title needs to be 70 characters or less, and include your main keyword for the page.
  • Meta Descriptions : need to be under 160 characters with spaces and contain the main keyword. It should explain what the page is about so the reader understands.
  • Meta Keywords these are main keywords and tags you have used on the page to be indexed.
  • Image Alt Test : this is a type of test conducted to see if your image is the right size, has the proper SEO configuration including title, description, and keywords.
  • Headings : you need at least H2 headings on your page. You should have at least one heading in H2 with two or three subheadings total, where you use H2 size or up to H4 size.
  • Content : the test will look for duplicate content in order to remove any problems that go against indexibility rules. Furthermore, it will look at whether the content is actually readable by your target audience or overstuffed with keywords to make it pointless to your consumers.
  • Most Common Keywords Test : it is a test to see what the most common keywords are to eliminate keyword stuffing and ensure you are targeting the proper main keywords for each page.
  • Robots : Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tags are two areas to test.
  • Sitemaps and Site Architecture : sitemaps and site architecture determine how user friendly your site is. An analysis looks to see if XML or HTML, or both are used for sitemaps and if there is a way to make your site easier to use.
  • Favicon Test and Validator : these are two concepts that test your files, links, tags, and other related items on your website.
  • Page Objects : this has to do with code. Google will test your code looking for certain page objects like duplicate code.
  • Code to Text Ratio : your code use to amount of text will also be tested as this could create issues with indexing and readiability.
  • Anchor Tags Optimization : every page needs to have anchor tags, which mean you need keyword optimization even in the tags. Anchors are URLs that help someone move from page to page.
  • URL SEO Friendly Test : as the above discussion has mentioned there are certain tests conducted for user friendliness of a website and pages. There is an overall URL test that can be used in addition to sitemap tests.
  • Broken Link Test : in this test all links on or off page will be examined to ensure they work properly. You do not want someone visiting your site, but are unable to move about from page to page or worse not make it to your site due to a broken link.
  • Site Performance : this is a test of how your site is currently ranking, if it is getting visitors and how it compares overall. It is very important to have a blanket look at site performance as well as the little details outlined above.

Security Tests

The security tests are fairly self explanatory and we conduct them as another way to help you get recognized for your website. Every visitor to your site wants to be safe, so they like to know you have security in place including proper domain authority behind your site. Page authority shows whether the page is considered something to be trusted or not. The URL canonicalization test is less about security for users and more about security for you. It ensures you have the true website page and all fake sites are removed. It can also examine the name for your site to determine if it is working for you.

  • Page Authority Check
  • Domain Authority
  • URL Canonicalization Test

Social Media Tests

These tests look to see how frequently your blog and social media is uploaded to ensure new content is hitting the Internet for your website. In addition the tests examine if you are on target with your blogs and social media. Does it have valid information or are your blog and social media sites too sales like.

  • Blog Check
  • Social Media Check
  • Social Media Activity

Google Tools

Google has a host of different tools you can use for free. You can set up Google analytics and use webmaster tools as long as you have your site indexed in Google. It will take letting Google know your URL and that you exist. 404 tools work to let you and visitors know that your page is down and helps you correct the problem. The page rank test shows you where you are in Google.

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Webmaster Tools for 404
  • Google Page Rank Test

Additional Tests and Tools

Here are some other tests and tools you need to be aware of.

Alexa Page Rank Test: this is like Google's test; however, it works for all search engines to show where you are lacking in other areas besides Google.

HTML Markup:

Relating to proper HTML tags, pages, and checks all of these are going to test whether or not your website is available, easy for your target audience to navigate or if the page looks unfavorable due to HTML coding.

  • Deprecated HTML Tags
  • HTML Page Size Test
  • W3C HTML Standard Check
  • W3C CSS Standard Check

Proper use of 301s: a test is run to see if 301 redirects are working properly. This is another backlink style test that is often missed with automatic tools and one we make certain to include.

Javascript: this is a type of flash often used with webpages. You may need to make use of it. So we conduct a flash test to see if it is working or whether you can reconfigure your site to work without it.

  • Flash and Flash Test

Site Loading Speed Test: we will test your website in a variety of browsers to see if it is loading at a proper rate of speed or too slow. We look to see if you need a faster server or may be losing visitors due to an unusually high lag time.

YouTube Video Analysis

If you have YouTube videos up on your site or on YouTube we will conduct a test to see if there is anything you can improve not only in the content, but placement, tags, headlines, titles and descriptions.

Keyword Research: -

Till now I have done keywords research for more 10,000 website in many industry such as SEO Business, Automotive, Shopping, IT Service, Plumber Service, Health, Beauty cosmetic , Furniture , Electronic, photography, home remodeling , in these country USA, Canada , United kingdom , Australia.

  • Competitor keywords- Find out keyword which is your competitor targeting
  • Look at your all product category /All Service page to find our keyword related keyword
  • Using Google keyword tool
  • Look at Google search Suggestion
  • Find out high Monthly Search Volume keywords
  • Find out high Traffic keyword related to your business

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